The Book of Animals is a picture book app for kids ages 3-5. Book features 26 different, hand drawn animals in various poses. All images are accompanied by sounds distinctive to each animal and every page of the book can be easily converted into jigsaw puzzle.

The Book of Animals features a rich gallery of detailed, masterfully drawn animals and was created to help parents during those moments when real book is not around. This app carefully and purposely mimics real books most parents purchase for their children. Each page may introduce some additional details about portrayed animals. Sounds, names or even a close up of skin texture. Book of Animals will be a great companion during travels and can be used to play, discover and discuss animals, do ABC activities, explore sounds or just admire detailed pictures.

The Book of Animals features:

  • Discover 26 different animals and sounds they make.
  • There’s an animal representing each letter of the alphabet.
  • A single touch converts any picture into a jigsaw puzzle.
  • Each animal is displayed in several different poses.
  • Each animal is accurate, realistic and detailed.
  • As real, as digital book can be — app has distinctive sounds for page-turning and a loud 'thump' upon closing the cover.
  • 5 differently themed books in one app.
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